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Unlock growth, productivity and better health in your herd: Experience the comprehensive impact of PhytoCare® on your piglets

Improve Growth Performance

Optimize nutrient use for increased daily gains.

Enhance Immunity

Reduce risks of infections like PRRS and lower veterinary costs.

Stabilize gut microbiota

Curb post-weaning scours.

Reduce Oxidative Stress

Counteract growth-impairing oxidative challenges.

Mitigate Mycotoxin Risk

Protect against harmful feed contaminants.

Reduce the Use of Antibiotics

Natural defense against pathogens with PhytoCare.

Alleviate Stress

Bolster stamina and resilience due to heat and transportation challenges.

Support reproductive health

Potential aid for sows during gestation and lactation.

PhytoCare® patented, proven and natural animal health solutions for swine is researched, developed and manufactured by veterinarian-owned Precision Health Technologies.

Swine Producer Concentrate

Optimal Hydration and Gut Health for Swine Producers

  • All-natural solution for swine producers, promotes gut health and optimal hydration in a waterline-dispensed form.
  • Tailored for swine and aids in intestinal stability, cellular hydration, and microbiome support.
  • No withdrawal period and antibiotic-free, it ensures safety and effectiveness.
  • Ideal for wean to nursery transition, acute distress relief, antibiotic recovery, and more Versatile applications, from rapid onset to transitional support, address various health needs.

Use Guidelines:

  • Versatile applications, from rapid onset to transitional support to address various health needs.
  • Convenient 1-gallon jug, mixed with fresh, unchlorinated water at 1 oz/gal, 1:128.
  • Rapid Onset Application: Restore gut health after a rapid loss (18 oz/gal for 2-5 days).
  • Transitional Support Application: Maintain intestinal health during environmental stress (12 oz/gal on day 1, 8 oz/gal on days 2-5).

Swine GI-Revive

Advanced Enteric Relief for Swine

  • Powerful solution formulated for cases of severe enteric stress, loss of appetite, and dehydration in swine.
  • Promotes rapid enteric cellular hydration and recovery.
  • Ready-to-use natural solution of activated phenolic molecules.
  • Antibiotic-free, all-natural, and with no withdrawal period.

Use Guidelines:

  • Suitable for piglets with acute and severe osmotic diarrhea. Use at the first sign of intestinal distress.
  • Comes in a convenient 250 ml bottle.
  • Can be given orally or mixed into liquid formulations.
  • Administer 1 cc per 10 lbs. daily for up to 5 days, or 1 cc per 5 lbs. for 2 days in severe cases.

Skin Recovery & Care

Healing Solution: Skin Repair for Animals

  • Polyphenol-based spray-on solution designed for skin lesions, cuts, abrasions, ulcers.
  • Use with piglet pre- and post-processing and for Sows with skin irritation.
  • Promotes cleaning, healing and skin repair.
  • Suitable for external skin application only.

Use Guidelines:

  • Ready to use from Farrowing through Finishing
  • Available in a 450 ml bottle.
  • Apply a light coating directly to cuts and abrasions, twice daily.