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Improving Livestock Health Naturally and Affordably

PhytoCare’s all-natural polyphenolic nutritional products are farm-friendly, livestock-ready, and specially formulated to support healthier, more resilient and more profitable herds & flocks

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Gut HealthAcute Care & RecoverySkin Repair

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    A Head Start at Brooding

    Healthier chicks have better feathering rates, improved skeletal development, & stronger immune system


    Raising Calves?

    Experience improved milk-to-feed transitions, leading to reduced enteric stress, minimizing scours & optimizing growth


    Healthier from Farrow to Finish

    Reduce weaning-associated gut disturbances, resulting in fewer digestive issues & more consistent weight gains


    Breeding Small Ruminants?

    Support improved rumen development & enhance digestive performance & nutrient absorption


    Gut Health

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    Acute Care & Recovery

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    Skin Repair

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    For Veterinarians

    Concentrates specially formulated by veterinarians for veterinarians across a wide range of treatment options

    For Producers

    Cost effective, anti-biotic free solutions for preventative and acute care – protecting herd health and bottom-line results.