Poultry Concentrate 2.25gal jug (case of 2 jugs)


PhytoCare® Poultry Concentrate is an all natural source of plant based polyphenols that promote gut health in turkeys, broilers, and layers. The product is simple to use. Producers that are attempting to raise animals with no antibiotics, or reduced antibiotics, are loving our products.

Poultry Concentrate must be first mixed with water to be used as a stock solution in a 1:128 waterline medicator. 287 oz will produce 20 gallons of stock solution.

There are three application dosages listed on the product label. Initial days with new chicks/poults is 12 oz/gallon stock solution. Then we have a recommendation for the vital 2 week period of 16 oz/gal stock solution followed by 8 oz/gal for 2 days. If there are real health challenges, we recommend using 18oz/gallon of stock solution, followed by 10oz.

The label lists: “Use Weekly For Best Results”. This can be for a 8-12 hour time period, not necessarily 24 hours. We have customers that continue to use one time per week for all 16 weeks of production. Weekly stock solutions are started at 5pm, with enough stock solution for 10 hours water consumption.

An additional benefit is that this solution will help clean water lines.