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Meet Our Team

Co-Founder, Chief Technology & Product Officer

Conrad B. Schmidt, DVM

Dr. Conrad Schmidt is and Founder and the Chief Technology & Product Officer at Precision Health Technologies, a prominent player in the U.S. animal health sector. With a distinguished career dedicated to advancing the animal production industry, Dr. Schmidt specializes in developing technologies, products, and strategic business approaches focused on food animal health and wellness. Graduating from the University of Minnesota, College of Veterinary Medicine, Dr. Schmidt spent three decades as an owner and practicing large animal veterinarian in a multi-regional veterinary practice specializing in production animal medicine. His leadership earned him honors from the American Association of Swine Veterinarians and state associations, reflecting his influential role in the field. Notably, he also served as President of Oxford Veterinary Laboratories, Vice President at Pharmacia & Upjohn Animal Health, and as Chief Technology Officer at Bioverse, LLC, a leading supplier of microbial products in agriculture. Recognized by the State of Minnesota as entrepreneur of the year in 1987, Dr. Schmidt's journey has led him to advise and contribute to the growth of new technology start-ups focused on improving production animal health and producer productivity, like Precision Health Technologies.
President & Chairman

Conrad "Pete" Schmidt, PhD

Conrad "Pete" Schmidt holds dual roles as President and Chairman at Precision Health Technology, where his work with the leadership team has helped to establish the company as a pioneer in providing innovative, all-natural and antibiotic-free animal health products. With a career spanning large corporate and startup landscapes, Pete's experience extends across diverse industries including business consulting, executive recruitment, animal health, environmental solutions, and agricultural technology. Pete’s professional background includes research, analytics, innovation, product development and leadership development. Pete holds a Ph.D. in Policy Analysis from the Pardee RAND Graduate School, an MPA from Harvard University’s Kennedy School, and BA degrees from the University of Minnesota, Duluth.
Sales & Business Development

Bob Tims

Robert is leading efforts to build customer and supply chain relationships to connect PHT’s all-natural products to all animal production operations. Works closely with PHT product development in coordinating farm trials for proof of concept and marketing data. Responsible for tradeshow activities along with operational excellence in PHT’s production operation. Experience includes sales, product development, and quality systems in a wide swath of technological industries including vaccines, animal health, printing, and plastics.

Robert is proud to have served nine years as a Signal Officer in the US Army Reserves with final assignment as CPT and Company Commander of a 200-person unit. Holds MBA from University of Sioux Falls and BS degree from Mankato State University.

Co-Founder & Board Member

Jeff Hembrock

Jeff Hembrock had an extended career with Miller Brewing Company spanning 39 years. Starting in an entry level position he moved through the ranks to finally serve as president. Along the way he worked in production in two of the breweries, was a corporate production planner, president of their distributor for the state of Hawaii, director of sales development, director of business development, direct of corporate strategy, vice president of trade marketing and vice president of international to mention a few. He has a breath of experience across a variety of fields and disciplines rarely found in an executive and brings that thinking and experience to Precision Health Technology in a variety of ways. He has an undergraduate degree in business from Penn State University, a masters in science for business from Cardinal Stritch University and recently completed two years as senior fellow at Harvard’s esteemed Advanced Leadership Initiative. In addition to sitting on other business boards, he is currently a trustee for both Cardinal Stritch University and University of Wisconsin Milwaukee where he focuses on developing young talent and providing increased entrepreneurial opportunities.

Advisory Board

Livestock Nutritionist & President, Integrated Animal Nutrition

Jonathan Holt, PhD

Jonathan Holt is a highly accomplished nutrition and livestock production consultant with over two decades of experience in animal science and nutrition. He has a well-earned reputation as a trusted leader in the field.
Jonathan currently serves as President and Production Consultant at Integrated Animal Nutrition, providing innovative solutions to his clients across multiple livestock industries. His past contributions as a Professor and Techincal Consultant in the feed industry highlight his commitment to research, advancing industry knowledge and mentoring future professionals.
Jonathan holds a Ph.D. in Animal Science/Nutrition from North Carolina State University and has an academic background that includes a Master's degree in Animal Sciences from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities. His understanding of animal nutrition and production principles is complemented by his extensive practical experience.
An essential member of our Advisory Board, Jonathan provides invaluable insights that shape our strategy and ensure our products’ efficacy in supporting animal health and wellness.
Lead Veterinarian, New Fashion Pork

Deb Murray, DVM

Dr. Deb Murray brings her experience and expertise as the lead veterinarian and Director of Veterinary Services at New Fashion Pork to our Advisory Board.
In her role, Dr. Murray excels in troubleshooting herd health challenges and ensuring the well-being of livestock. With a focus on animal health, she plays a pivotal role in overseeing health protocols, vaccine strategies, and biosecurity measures for one of the Nation’s largest, and most progressive swine producers. In addition, she is responsible for providing innovative health solutions and overseeing ongoing research trials, which have contributed to advancements in the field of veterinary science and care.
As a member of PHT’s advisory team, Dr. Murray's knowledge and hands-on experience in veterinary care facilitates our mission to pioneer cutting-edge, farm friendly and practical solutions to improve animal health and producer performance.
Microbiologist, Microbial Product & Process Consulting

Jennifer Sheets

Jennifer Sheets is a highly experienced microbiologist with a career spanning over 38 years. Her expertise in microbiology and enzymology has established her as a respected figure in the field. Jennifer has made significant contributions to applied and industrial microbiology, particularly in microbial and enzyme product and process development.
Jennifer's career includes a notable tenure as the Technical Director at Bio-cat Microbials, where she played a key role in establishing and expanding a microbial product fermentation operation. Her proficiency in laboratory work, from quality control to fermentation methodologies, underscores her strong technical background. Jennifer's commitment to her field is evident through her certificates and focused coursework at institutions such as Smith College, University of Wisconsin-Madison, and Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
Applying her technical skills, Jennifer serves as a valuable advisor to PHT. Her guidance has been instrumental in shaping our strategic direction, ensuring product efficacy, and maintaining high standards of quality.
Veterinarian & swine producer

Dr. Andrew Bents, DVM

Dr. Andrew Bents, an accomplished veterinarian and fifth-generation swine producer from Southwestern Minnesota, is a member of the Advisory Board at Precision Health Technologies. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Animal Science and a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from the University of Minnesota, establishing his deep-rooted commitment to animal health and production.

Before his tenure as a Technical Veterinarian at Hubbard Feeds, Dr. Bents dedicated his expertise to the Worthington, MN region as a mixed animal veterinarian. His experience spans multiple species and varied production environments. At Hubbard, he significantly contributes to the support of livestock producers, expertly managing the complexities of best practice animal production. His work involves close collaboration with producers, nutritionists, and veterinarians, focusing on enhancing animal health through advanced husbandry, nutrition, epidemiology, and pharmacovigilance.

In his role at Precision Health Technologies, Dr. Bents uniquely combines his veterinary knowledge with practical production experience. He offers invaluable technical advice and practical insights, which are crucial for shaping our product development and market strategy. His direct experience with animal herds informs the practical application of our products, ensuring they address the genuine needs of producers. Additionally, his involvement in developing innovative feed and treatment options in the animal health market aligns perfectly with our mission. Dr. Bents’ expertise is instrumental in our pursuit of developing and delivering effective, farm-friendly solutions.