Helping Animals Naturally

Precision Health Technologies is an innovative animal health company specializing in the development, manufacturing and distribution of effective natural phytobiologic formulations to provide non-antibiotic solutions to common health challenges.

The products are based on GRAS components and result in the support of the animal's natural defense mechanisms against common digestive challenges.

Precision Health was founded in 2015 by Dr. Dan Little who believes this technology will revolutionize the digestive care of livestock and companion animals with a cost-effective supplement to support hydration and the intestinal microbiome. 


Daniel E. Little, MS, DVM, President & CEO

Dr. Little has a broad-based animal practice and technical knowledge of production technologies. Through his experience within the dairy and swine industries, Dr. Little has established relationships with many major and emerging animal health companies. 

For the last five years, Dr. Little has gained extensive knowledge of natural animal health products through hands-on consulting in registering, formulating and testing natural animal health alternatives. 

Dr. Little’s commitment and work with various clinical and research trials with all-natural alternatives is the key driver in establishing Precision Health Technologies, LLC.