Gives newborn pigs the extra edge they need to get on the thriving curve and a boost during weaning



Natural digestive health solution for newborn calves to get them on the thriving curve



Supports normal digestive function and hydration during periods of stress and transition



About the Products

Grazix is a family of next-generation animal health products, based on Reactive Plant Immunity (RPI). It was developed by LiveLeaf as one of the most important applications of RPI, to address the significant challenges faced by veterinary professionals in maintaining healthy animal digestive balance in production environments.

Grazix products contain LiveXtract™ polyphenols, patented water-based complexes that deliver the full potency of RPI (reactive plant immunity) to augment gut immunity and rapidly restore digestive balance. Polyphenols are metabolites that have important roles in plant physiology and health benefits to humans and animals.

When to Use

  • In times of digestive stress.
  • When pigs experience scours and mortality due to production stresses and pathogens.

Features & Benefits

  • Safe – Grazix is  G.R.A.S. (Generally Regarded As Safe) and FDA compliant.
  • Reduces gut inflammation – improves gut health.
  • Consistent reduction in scours and mortality.

Grazix Animal Health, Inc., a subsidary of LiveLeaf, Inc., currently has products designed for the Bovine, Porcine and Cervine markets.


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